Mobile application includes an entirely brand new user experience, short robust features, and visually new interfaces. There is numerous ways to revive detect your app is due for fixes. Application doesn’t need to be at par of specific gauges for an upgrade.

Significant App modifiers:
TThe simple way to recognize that it’s time to make an upgrade or related adjustment in the app. if you eye on adding important features that can create impactful result user experience of the app, You might need considerable upgrade. Few examples includes: syncing and authentication, integration with third party, social elements and collaboration, or revenue model change.
Notes of Google’s release show the differences of major and minor upgrades configured, accordingly. Mostly, putting a new add-on or new feature alone may impact the model version, the second numeric in the sequence. Adding impactful graphical features, animations and 3D articles or offline service support, for e.g.: convert app version 1.3v to .1.4v, while you adds feature and fix appropriation for it your upgrade prompts and lead you towards a major upgrade.
Mobile app's design is going to entirely change, whether it's the user experience or graphical project, it's probable you'll require to release a major app apprise – Dubai iPhone Developer, mobile app development Dubai. Count on user’s response alone can result in costly features add bit price to your application.
Source: Dubai iPhone Developer